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From our homes, to yours,

Merry Christmas!

Mrs. Jean and Rev. Scott Duckworth

Mary Beth & Chris Schindler, Louisville, KY
Kimberly & James Schindler, Vero Beach, FL

Just a note to our friends:
Well, 2005 has been a fairly good year. Not too many changes at the Duckworth house. Everyone is doing OK, just having to be careful walking, as Jean now has bad knees too!

BUT...The Schindler homes are undergoing renovations!

Kimberly and James have bought their first home in Vero Beach, FL. James really thought he had the renovations under control, but some of that got changed. Yes, Kimberly is expecting a little boy! Due sometime late march early April!

And Mary Beth and Chris had their home looking good, everything under control...then,
Mary Beth is expecting too! So I guess the spare bedroom is going to become a nursery. Due sometime late July early August (maybe on Jean's B-day, August 1st?).

Jean & Scott will be spending Christmas in Louisville this year, and it looks like 2006 is going to put some miles on the ol' Mountaineer...Granny wants to see them new grandkids! (And so does Papa!)

We sincerely hope you have a blessed Christmas this year, and all the best to you in 2006!

The Duckworths, the FL Schindlers, and the KY Schindlers.